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Book Summary

A boy sees a train in front of his house on Christmas Eve and goes to the North Pole. He gets the first gift of Christmas, a bell from Santa's sleigh that only he and his sister can hear.

Reviewer: TO (12/17/97)

I liked the really good paintings and how Chris Van Allsburg thought of the idea of a train full of kids that was going to the North Pole. I also liked how he elaborated on ideas using big words.

Reviewer: AD (12/17/97)

I liked the book because my mom read it to me when I was young. I also liked it because it's about a boy meeting Santa and he loses a bell and Santa gives it back.

Reviewer: CF (12/17/97)

I loved it because it was from a kids point of view. It was happy, sad, happy. I love books that have happy endings.

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