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One Night Can't Kill Me

We are excited to introduce to you a new drunk driving education program called "One Night Can't Kill Me." This interactive play was created at the State University of New York at Binghamton in 1993 by two college students who recognized the importance of making substance education programs "come alive." It is a well known fact that teenagers and young adults have false sense of invincibility. This program is designed to make the participants part of the action so that the events of the play feel real.

The Program

The program starts by having the participants sit in a circle. The facilitator passes out an invitation to a local bar to each person. Then the facilitator hands out the parts of the play. Each participant has a part to play. Most just have a statement made by college and high school students about substances. Five people are given the main parts of the play and are also given a flashlight or a candle which will act as their life force. Only the facilitator has the entire play in front of him. After the facilitator passes out the parts, he starts the play by indicating which part needs to be read. As the play continues and the statements and parts are read, the facilitator adds to the action by reading facts about substances.

The Play

The play itself involves one night in the lives of five people. Four met up at a bar. The fifth has gone to the movies with his or her friends. As the night continues, we are introduced to issues of peer pressure which eventually get the four people into a car with a driver who has been drinking. The realize too late that this was a mistake as the car crashes into the the fifth player who was coming home from the movie and then hits a tree. The play ends with sreaming as the lights of the three passengers and the walker go out. As the driver says his last line, "Oh G-d, I thought I was fine," the last statement is made, "One night can't kill me."

Ordering Information

The cost of this program is $10.00. You will receive two facilitators guides, 5 scripts, 30 bar invitations, and 20 statement cards. The program is copyrighted and can not be copied without permission by the authors.

To order this program or to recieve further information write to:

About the Authors

Stacy Barnett was a sophomore in Binghamton at the time she authored this program. She has been involved with substance education since high school when she was a member of SADD and helped to organize the Safe Rides program in her high school. In college, Stacy was a trained peer educator and acted as the head coordinator for a program called CHOICES which facilitated substance education programs around campus. Presently, Stacy has recieved a Masters in Education from New York University and is teaching fourth grade in Connecticut.

Jeffrey Horowitz was a senior and a residental assistant at Binghamton at the time he helped to write this program. He went on to get his Masters at Kent State University and has returned to SUNY Binghamton to become a professional residental director. At Kent, he continued to use this program and had it reviewed at various substance education conferences. He is currently using this program in Binghamton to educate the fraternities and sororties about drunk driving.