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Maple Sugaring
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Creepy Crawlers

1. Bug Board

Each person in our class picked a bug, like centipede, ladybug, grasshopper, butterfly, and/or bee. Once we picked a bug, we had to be that bug for the whole month! Everyone got a fact card about their bug. We read our card and learned many interesting facts. We also read many non-fiction books about our bugs. After a few days, we wrote an interesting fact on a big piece of paper. On another day, our teacher called us up, one by one, to find a picture of our bug from the internet. Once we found the picture, we blew it up to make it bigger, then put the picture together with our facts.

2. Solids

Here in first grade we are learning about solids. We learned that some solids can stack, roll, float, and/or sink. Solids are things like corks, bobby pins, spoons, and things like that. Solids are part of science. Solids are very handy sometimes.

3. Mobiles

We read a book called, How A Seed Grows by, Helen J. Jordan. Afterwards we made mobiles. We had to first think of the steps to planting seeds. Then we wrote sentences. We put them in the order that they happened. We had a partner. One person wrote the sentences on an index card and the other person drew pictures to match. Afterwards, we glued them together with the string in between.

4. Tree Project

Mrs. Vitale read us books that had to do with trees. We did a project about trees. We had to write facts about trees. First we all thought together about different things that we know about trees. Then Mrs. Vitale wrote down the ideas that we gave her. Next, we wrote down our facts on paper and glued them onto the tree leaves. Some facts that we learned were... Animals live in trees; Wood comes from trees; Trees give us oxygen; and We give trees carbon dioxide.

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