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Book Summary

Two young ants get lost in a kitchen and have a great adventure.

Reviewer: CA (12/17/97)

I liked when the two ants fell in the sink and went through the garbage disposal.

Reviewer: CB (12/17/97)

I liked when the ants got trapped in the strange things they had never seen before and when they found the crystals (which were really sugar) in the china bowl. I liked this book because you had to figure out what the crystals in the book really are.

Reviewer: EB (12/17/97)

I liked this book because it is about two bad ants always getting into stuff just like I do. I also liked this book because it is about ants and I think that ants are cool insects.

Reviewer: BD (12/17/97)

I like the way the dog was hidden as a scrap of food.

Reviewer: GG (12/17/97)

I liked the ants because they were funny and they were cool too.

Reviewer: YM (12/17/97)

This story is cool and funny.

Reviewer: DM (12/17/97)

I liked when they try to get a drink and they think the foscet it a waterfall. They fall in the garbage disposal which is spinning full of food.

Reviewer: DR (12/17/97)

I liked when they got stuck in the kitchen and when they got stuck in the drain.

Reviewer: VR (12/17/97)

I liked when the ants have been taken with a spoon and put into the coffee. It is a funny book because it does not say the ants are in a house. It just tells you what the ants see and feel.

Reviewer: ES (12/17/97)

It was short and had good pictures.

Reviewer: JW (12/17/97)

I liked it when they went into the coffee and they crawl out.

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