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The dinosaur I researched was the Triceratops. Three questions will be answered in this essay. One example is ďWhat does the Triceratops eat?Ē I hope you will know a lot about the Triceratops after reading my essay.

The Triceratops uses a lot of its body parts to protect itself. The Triceratops is very well protected by itís enormous horns. To defend himself, he has a shield protecting his neck and some other pats of his upper body. With Triceratops thick leathery skin, he can live through many deadly attacks by his enemies. When he sees an enemy it would ram into it at speeds of about 30 mph, and his horns will sink into the other dinosaurs flesh. The Triceratops was very well protected and was probably one of the safest dinosaurs of his time.

The Triceratops will eat almost any green plant it can get its claws on. One of his favorite things to eat is green thicket. He also likes other plants such as ferns, conifers, palms, cycads. The Triceratops was a pretty big dinosaur! Sometimes he would get so hungry, he would push down trees to get the tender branches that lay high on the top. The Triceratops would do anything to get its food when it was hungry.

After researching the Triceratops, I found out he was a very large dinosaur. The average weight was almost 9 tons! He was almost 24 feet long and usually 10 feet high! In some fossils that archeologists have dug up, they found that the skull was 6 feet long! I never predicted Triceratops was so big in size!

The Triceratops liked to live in some very peaceful areas. The Triceratops likes to sneak behind rocks to shield the wind on cold nights. To stay out of sight of any enemies, it would pile a big clump of ferns on top of it. When it rains it goes under bushes and trees deep in the forest. When it comes out, itís hardly wet.

The Triceratops doesnít have many enemies. One of his enemies is pretty smart. After the Triceratops lays itís eggs, there will usually be an Ornithomimus who will pop out and eat the eggs. Another of itís enemies is the T-Rex. Whenever they see one another, one of them either runs and hides, or they have a big fight.

I hope you learned a lot of new facts about the Triceratops after reading this report. Did you know sometimes the Triceratops will help itís cousins in a fight? I also hope you enjoyed reading this essay.

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