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Welcome to Mrs. Mozer's First Grade Class

Visit Mrs. Mozer's Third Grade Class at

Come into our classroom any day of the year and you were bound to see children busily working on something. Whether it was creating a house for a cricket, listening to a book, writing in journals, or working on math, the children in Mrs. Mozer's class were always full of energy and enthusiasm. With 6 girls and 15! boys, how could they not be?

Science Night was a big success this year. To see what science night looked like, and to learn more about our projects, make sure to go to our page at Science Night 2000.

Some of the things we remember most about first grade was playing kickball with our parents when we filled our compliment jar, celebrating the 100 Day of School, creating our own silly map book, read aloud... especially with our parent readers, going on field trips, celebrating our birthdays, math... all math, creating our cricket cages, taking pictures of indoor recess creations, and most of all... making new friends. It has been a fantastic year and we can't believe it is over!

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