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1. A Tree Can Be

Mrs. Hevener read us a book called The Giving Tree. Then we made our own tree. On the outside we wrote, "A Tree Can Be..." On the inside it had three parts. Each part was a picture of one thing a tree can be. Here are some of the things a tree can be: A place to play, a home for animals, furniture, paper, a home for people... We thought of many more things too. It was fun.

2. Maple Sugarhouse

In March we studied Maple Sugaring. To end the month we tapped our own Maple Sugar tree on the bullitan board in our classroom and made a maple sugar house where we could turn our maple sap into maple syrup. To learn more about Maple Sugaring, go to that page under themes.

3. Solids

One experiment we did with our solids tested if solids rolled or stacked. We did that by trying to roll and stack things. We found that these things rolled: the golf tee, white ball, silver ball, and blue ball. These things stack: the nut, pipecleaner, spoons, cube, blocks, paper clip, and bobby pin. The rest of our materials stacked and rolled.

4. Our Favorite Work

One thing we picked as a favorite project was our picture of a forest. To make this picture we were read a guide to forests told by a lover of trees. There were tons of flowers in the book. We drew all kinds of different forests. There were animals in most of them.

Another books we read together was Tops and Bottoms We thought that it was very funny. Then we made a project called "Tops and Bottoms". It was fun. On the cover it had a tomato on it and the title. On the inside you could see the tops of the vegetables. If you opened the next flap you could see the bottoms and the reasons why we did or did not like the book.

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