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Creepy Crawlers

1. SPIDER poem

Creepy Crawlers was our theme for the month of May. One of our activities was to create an acrostic poem with the word SPIDER and we also made spiders to go with them. Boy did we have fun!!


During our Creepy Crawlers unit we also observed and studied many "bugs". To complement this unit and provide the children with many experiences with learning this subject matter we had terrariums in our classroom. In our terratiums we had a millipede, a pill bug, and various forms of organisms such as tree seedlings and moss. We tried to recreate a very natural habitat for our friends. The children love this unit sooo much that they bring me all types of "bugs" or organisms to observe daily.

3. 3-D Flower Pots

As our wonderful spring weather came along we decided to plant pumpkin, pea, kidney bean, and sunflower seeds. This theme of plants and seeds went very well with our study of organisms. We also had aquariums with guppies, cabomba, and elodea. We discussed how plants and animals cohabitate in our environment. To top it all off we made 3-D flower pots, which are up on our window sill.

4. Planting Seeds

As you can see here, our seeds have begun to sprout. The tallest one to the right is the kidney bean seed. To the left of that is the pumpkin seed. Our sunflower and pea seeds decided to take a break on their growth.

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