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Our group is studing the Mississippians. We have learned that they were traders, that they were mound builders, they had small towns, they had a lot of crops, and they made a lot of artifacts that were found by archeologists.

The   Mississippians   were   traders.

The Mississippians traded stones for weapons and tools. The faraway people gave them shells, copper, and jewlery. The Mississippians traded with people from the lakes to the Gulf of Mexico. They also traded with Atlantic Ocean to what is now Oklahoma.

The    Mississippians    raised    crops    and    built    towns.

The Mississippians villages were very small, they built them out of trees, rocks,and mud. The mud holds the sticks and rocks together.The Mississipians grew crops like apples,pears, and corn.

The Mississippians were mound builders.

The Mississipians were mound builders.To make the mounds they filled baskets with dirt.When a person died he or she was buried with objects


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