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The Maiasaura is a dinosaur that lived in the Crateous period. The name ‘’Maiasaura’’ means good mother lizard. The Maiasaura lived in the state of Montana. They ate magnolia trees. One of their enemies were the Troodon. If you want to read more about the Maiasaura read on!

The Maiasaura lived toward then end of the Crateous period. The order of the dinosaur periods are: Trassic, Jurassic, Crateous, and Tertiary. Other dinosaurs in the Late Crateous period are: Velocirapter, Troodon, Dromaeosaurs, Triceritops and Paleoscinous.

The Maiasaura dinosaurs lived in the continent of North America and in the state of Montana. The Maiasaura built their nests in the beginning of the rainy season on high grounds. They built their nests on high grounds because they could see their enemies coming and so they were safe from floods.

As I already mentioned the name ‘’Maiasaura’’ means good mother lizard. That is because the Maiasaura nest is made of sand and mud. Each nest was bowl shaped and were 4 to 3 feet long. When the baby Maiasaura were hatched, they stayed in their nests until they were old enough to take care of themselves. [The babies and children always stayed in the nest.] Their mothers took good care of them.

The dinosaur Maiasaura is a herbivore [ a plant eater not a meat eater.] The Maiasaura’s appetite was not very big. Most of the time the Maiasaura mothers and fathers were taking care of their babies. Sometimes they even took small naps. In different times of the day the mother or father went to get food for his or her family. They ate: beech, fig, magnolia trees, twigs, and many different kinds of leafs. I wonder what their favorite food was?

The Maiasaura’s enemies were the Dromaeoaurs and the Troodon. These were small dinosaurs but they did not attack the grown-up dinosaurs only the babies and children Maiasaura. They took the young Maiasaura in their mouth and took the Maiasaura dinosaurs to a bush and ate them. I bet the Maiasaura mothers were sad they lost one [or more] of their babies!

Now you have read all about the Maiasaura dinosaurs. I have enjoyed learning about the Maiasaura and hope you have enjoyed reading about them. If the Maiasaura dinosaurs were friendly to people I would like to meet the cute good-mother dinosaurs!

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