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1. Tree Facts

Here we wrote facts about trees. We were studying plants and seeds. One thing we learned was that trees started out as seeds and needed water and soil to grow. We Decorated our own trees with apples and berries. Then we hung them up in our own tree orchard. We liked learning about trees so much, we left them hanging up for Science Night.

2. The Pond and Beyond

We are learning about organisms. On our tables we have terrariums and aquariums. The animals living inside them are animals we might find in a pond or outside a pond. We talked about frogs, turtles and even ladybugs. Science Night was full odd creepy crawlies.

3. An Insect's Parts

Here we had just learned about insects. An insect has three body parts. We each chose an insect and drew the head, thorax and abdomen. We labeled the outside of the paper into the three parts to hide the picture. I chose a termite. It was hard to draw a giant termite because they are small pip-squeaks.

4. Our Spiders

After our teacher made a web out of black string, we made spiders. On the spiders thorax we wrote words that described spiders. They spelled out the word spider going down. We found out that a spider is not an insect because it only has two body parts and eight legs. That is one less body segment and two too many legs. My favorite part was the bright pink legs. We hung our spiders on the web and in the hallway.

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