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The Hypsilophadon

My dinosaur is the Hypsilophodon. I chose this dinosaur because I thought he would be interesting. I wanted to know what he ate, how tall he was, what he did for protection, how much he weighed, and where he lived. My dinosaur has interesting facts about him.

My dinosaur is a herbivore because he eats plants and berries. It travels in packs so when it is eating it does not get eaten. It does not stay in one place for a long time because other animals get hungry. It eats lots of plants and berries with its family. Plants and berries are the only thing it eats.

My dinosaur is very small. It is only two feet tall. They have a width of six feet six inch to seven feet six inch. Since it is so small it gives a longer time to get away. It can still be eaten. It can run fast enough so it dose not.

The Hypsilophodon weighed 140 pounds to a 148 pounds. The light weight meant that they could run faster. Most animals could pick him up. It could even be picked up by a human. They were a lot lighter than the other animals. My animal is so light because they were so short. That is why I like him.

My animal runs and hides when it sees danger. They run so they donít get eaten or stepped on. They have to run right after so the others can not find them. They are hard to find after. when they see them leave they come out. They run back to there home. That is why it runs and hides when it sees danger.

The Hypsilophodon lived in South Dakota. They lived there in the beginning of the dinosaur age. It is hard to kill them because they all lived in South Dakota. They where around its family too. There was a lot of its own kind. They could run in packs because they all lived there.

Now you have heard my report about the Hypsilophodon. I heard that they were the fastest dinosaur. They were smart too. They knew not to go near the bigger dinosaurs. I hope you learned a lot about him.

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