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Classroom Homepages

Greenwich Homepage
Grade 1 Home
Mrs. Brice's Class
Ms. Karr's Class
Mrs. Montoya's Class
Mrs. Mozer's Class
Mrs. Vitale's Class


All About Me
Things That Scare Us
Under the Sea
Maple Sugaring
Plants and Seeds
Creepy Crawlers

Welcome to First Grade!

This year we have watched our students grow from kindergartners, who were just starting the process of learning, to accomplished students ready to move on to second grade. We designed this website to celebrate and remember the 1999 - 2000 school year. We hope you enjoy what you find here. Each class contributed to the thematic pages. To see more about a particular teacher's classroom, you can go to her homepage. Like students in first grade, this website will continue to grow, so be sure to stop back here every now and then to see what's new.

Many Thanks

There are many people we need to thank for helping our students throughout the year. First of all, we would like to thank all the parents. Without your dedication to your child's learning we could not get our job done. Second, we would like to thank all the volunteers, both parents and others, who have come into our classrooms and helped out. One of those volunteers who meant a lot to all of the students in first grade was Dr. Innes. If you click his name, you can read his message to the students. Our next thank you goes to Mr. Grasso, who stopped by our rooms often just to say hi or dressed as King Penmanship to help us write. We are glad he will be our principal next year. Last, we would like to thank Dr. Ehik for being a wonderful principal. We wish her luck next year and are sad to see her go.

Have a wonderful summer vacation! See you next year!

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