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The Dimetrodon

The Dimetrodon was a very interesting dinosaur of the Permian Period. Further in this report you will read about how big the Dimetrodon was, what it ate, where and when it lived, and of course, what the Dimetrodon used its sail for.

The Dimetrodon was a large reptile that lived in the Permian Period. The Permian Period was the last division of the Paleozoic era which lasted from two hundred ninety million years to two hundred forty million years ago. The Dimetrodon lived and hunted during this time and were the biggest meat-eater alive then.

The Dimetrodon was the largest meat-eater of the Permian Period, so, it must have eaten lots of meat. One dinosaur it ate was the Edaphosaurus. It was another sail-backed lizard that was normally far to big for the Dimetrodon to eat, but when it was hurt or exhausted, it would make an easy meal for Dimetrodon. You would think that a small lizard like a cacops would make a good meal for a hungry Dimetrodon, but a cacops has sharp spines on its back that could break a Dimetrodonís teeth. So what did a Dimetrodon normally eat? Dimetrodons normally ate small reptiles like Diadectes.

The Dimetrodon was about ten feet long from the tip of its nose to the tip of its tail. The Dimetrodon was about five feet tall and the sail on its back alone could be up to three feet tall. That is what made the Dimetrodon the biggest meat-eater of the Permian Period.

The Dimetrodon ruled the forests and jungles of what is now the state of Texas in North America. However, in the Permian Period Texas was not a hot, dry, state at all. In fact it was the site of a large, marshy, delta. This made a very good home for a large reptile like Dimetrodon.

The Dimetrodon was cold- blooded just like all other reptiles and it used its sail to control its body heat. When it first woke up after a long cold night, it would be to cold to hunt so it just turned its sail into the rays of the sun and it would be warmed up in no time. If it wanted to cool off, it would turn its sail into the wind.

As you can now tell, the Dimetrodon was a very interesting dinosaur.I It was very big, ate lots of meat, lived in Taxas in the Permian Period, and last but not least, it used its sail to control body heat. Thats why I chose to study the Dimetrodon.

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