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Creepy Crawlers

Creepy Crawlers

Thanks to one of our science units, the first graders at Riverside got to see creepy crawlers up close and personal. On each table during the month of May, and for part of June, there was a terrarium or an aquarium. In most classes, the terrarium contained a milliped and some pill bugs. The aquariums were full of guppies and a snail. Lots of excitment came from having these creepy crawlers as members of our class. The children in Mrs. Montoya's room particularly enjoyed watching one of their snails lay eggs, eggs, and more eggs. The children in Mrs. Mozer's room got quite a fright when a milliped was spotted trying to make a getaway out the classroom door. All in all, as the weather got warm and the year came to an end, studying creepy crawlers was lots of fun.