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Grade 1 Home
Mrs. Brice's Class
Ms. Karr's Class
Mrs. Montoya's Class
Mrs. Mozer's Class
Mrs. Vitale's Class


All About Me
Things That Scare Us
Under the Sea
Maple Sugaring
Plants and Seeds
Creepy Crawlers

5. Frog and Toad Learning Center

In this picture you can see that some of the Creepy Crawlers we studied were Frogs and Toads. But we had a Nymph. Michael brought in a water frog to share with the class.

6. Terrariums

We made four terrariums. We put in organisms and plants.

7. Food Chain Diagrams

We studied the food chain. It tells us how animals eat.

8. Bird Beaks

Bird beaks come in different sizes and shapes. We made posters of bird beaks. On the outside we made the beaks and on the inside we made the birds they came from. Our parents had to guess what kind of birds they are.

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