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The Anasazi lived in the south-western part of North America. They arrived in the south-west in A. D. 100. They raised corn, beans, and later cotton, near their homes on the messa. Corn was their most important crop.

The Anasazi lived in the desert.

In A. D. 100 when the Anasazi arrived in the south-west, the deserts were very hot. They moved to the cliffs to find shade. In the cliffs they were safe from their enemies because it other tribes tried to attack they could just raise their ladders. They found cliffs that were close to both water and land that coould be used to grow crops.

The Importance of Rain.

The Anasazi needed rain to survive so many of their religious practices were about rain. They did rain dances to convince the rain to come. Because there was such a small amount of rain, the Anasazi found ways to catch what little came down. They built holes in the ground which would catch the rain as it fell.


The Anasazi was a good tribe. They made beautiful pottery and jewerly and spent a lot of time collecting or praying for rain. If you go to the south-western part of the United States you can still see their cliff dwellings.


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